HistoryMakers interviews with E. Lynn Harris

HistoryMakers interviews with UA Alumnus E. Lynn Harris

The Libraries have recently added a subscription to the HistoryMakers Digital Archive, offering more than 2600 oral history interviews with African Americans who have made significant contributions in fields as varying as the arts and popular culture, to politics and law, to science and medicine.  Explore the collection by Maker name, area of contribution, gender, birth decade, or profession.  Additional options allow you to search full text transcripts by keyword as well as finding specific interview clips by topic such as personal values, formative experiences, activism, civic institutions, or racism.  You can create and share clip playlists, as well. 

The HistoryMakers organization is a non-profit institution whose purpose is to record, preserve and disseminate the content of video oral history interviews highlighting the accomplishments of individual African Americans and African-American-led groups and movements.  While the first interviews date from 1993, the recordings capture family memories and lore back to the 1890s. HistoryMakers is unique in its  large and varied scope, with interviews of  both famous and less well known pathbreakers. 

While many of the Arkansans profiled in the HistoryMakers can also be found on the website for the David and Barbara Pryor Center for Oral and Visual History, this resource offers the premier collection of the African American experience as captured through in-depth interviews.  Spend time with the HistoryMakers and expand your world.