Tuesday Times
June 4, 2019

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Digital Divide Talks  
Those interested in digital equity issues you might enjoy this livestream: the Partnership for Progress on the Digital Divide invited both Vint Cerf (who invented the internet and now works for Google) and Larry Irving (who coined the term “digital divide”) to give the keynotes at their conference in DC last week. Both talks are available to watch here:https://livestream.com/accounts/686369/events/8634836/videos/191646691. Vint Cerf begins at 14:30 and Larry Irving begins at 43:00. At 1:11, they both answered a couple of Michelle Gibeault’s questions about broadband speeds and zero ratings.

User Services Summer Training Series ***Sessions Added***
User Services would like to invite all interested personnel to attend the User Services Summer Training Series. Each session will be given twice during the day at 10:30 a.m. (in 372B) and 4:00 p.m. (in 472B) to accommodate various schedules.  

·       June 13 – The Journey of a Requested Item – Matthew Kelly and Kelvin Summerville will present on how holds are placed and how those requests make it to the patron. They will focus on what desk staff need to know and be attentive to in order for this process to go smoothly.

·       June 27 – Introduction to Multimedia Booths – Kasey Kelm will provide a basic introduction to the multimedia players, equipment, and software available to our patrons. LOCATION: Hodges Reading Room

·       July 18 – Understanding Sierra Codes, Notes, and Messages – Sherryl Faulkner-Robinson will explain many of the codes, notes, and messages in Sierra records that desk staff need to know to do their job efficiently.

·       July 25 – Course Reserve Basics – Kathleen Lehman and Olivia Wood will cover the basics of course reserve options so desk staff can knowledgeably answer reserve-related questions from instructors and students. 

***NEW*** August 15 – Study and Meeting Room Equipment Review – David Boddie will lead a tour of several of the Mullins meeting and study rooms to review what equipment is available in them and how to use that equipment. STARTING LOCATION: Room 303B

This training series is primarily targeted to individuals who work the service desks, but anyone who is interested is welcome and encouraged to attend!

Shout Out (n.) Informal. A message of congratulation, support or appreciation. 
Kathleen Lehman, Head of User Services, would like to give a Shout Out to the LINX crew for finishing their review and processing of the “Bart” collection.  The Bart collection was made up of those items that the PMI movers came across last summer in the main collection that did not have a barcode attached.  LINX crew reviewed these items one by one to attach a barcode, search for or create a corresponding Sierra record, or to send over the item for more thorough review by our friends in Technical Services.  Their work has made these items accessible to our patrons and has improved the integrity of our holdings records. Way to go LINX!

Out-of-Office Notices

Name Date Contact
Deb Cheval 6/7-14 Finance: Marco De Prosperis, mdeprosp@uark.edu 
Business: Renee Rogers, rrogers@uark.edu
Facilities: Brian Curtis, jcurtis@uark.edu 
Beth Juhl 5/19-6/4 Eresources: Mandi Smith or libweb@uark.edu

Sierra: Sherryl Faulkner-Robinson or libhelp@uark.edu

Website: Dylan Hurd or libweb@uark.edu

Mary Leverance 6/14-21 Lindsey Williams, lindseyw@uark.edu


Calendar of Libraries’ Events – mark your personal calendars!

Date Event
6/13 The Journey of a Requested Item (multiple)
6/15 NWA Pride Parade, 12 PM, Dickson Street
6/27 Introduction to Multimedia Booths (multiple)
7/18 Understanding Seirra Codes, Notes and Messages (multiple)
7/25 Course Reserve Basics (multiple) 
8/15 Study and Meeting Room Equipment Review (multiple)